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Principal Systems Engineer at Nitro. Co-Author of "Docker: Up and Running" from O'Reilly Media. Dublin, Ireland.




Kiwi Wikitext Parser at Wikimedia Data Summit

I will be presenting the Kiwi wikitext parser at the Wikimedia Data Summit at O'Reilly's headquarters in Sebastopol, CA on Friday.  Kiwi is a formal parser written using a PEG and relying on the Peg/Leg tool from Ian Piumarta.  It's in C and supports most of MediaWiki's syntax in a more or less tolerant manner.  This was a side project at AboutUs that Thomas Luce started one Saturday.  I joined up with him shortly afterward and we have now got a mostly complete parser.  There is a lot of room for improvement, but it is fast, works in semi-production at AboutUs.org, and we hope it is a promising example of what can be done with MediaWiki's syntax.  We're hoping we can build some community support behind by presenting at the Data Summit.  If you want to check out the parser first hand you should visit Sam Goldstein's Ruby/Sinatra-based wiki site at DrasticCode.com. Kiwi has been released under the permissive BSD 3-clause license and can be found on GitHub.
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